Single Set Box
£ 14.99

Yessss, you're one step closer to having gorgeous talons delivered straight to your door every month! 

There's nothing like the feeling of a fresh set of banging nails, that tapping sound on your phone screen, the EXTRA way you can flick your hair, and oh my goshhhhh the back scratches!

But right now it's tricky to maintain those salon-fresh nails, and it's more important than ever to feel good.


The nails you receive in your box will be different designs every month, and are EXCLUSIVE to Guilty Nails subscribers.

Each month you will receive your Guilty Nails box through the post, containing one set of instant press-on gel nails in your chosen size and shape.

  • Hand painted with salon quality gel nail polish.
  • Measured to size for the perfect fit.
  • Gel polish will have around 2-3 weeks wear if looked after.
  • All vegan & cruelty free products used.

Your box will also contain nail glue, adhesive nail tabs, mini nail buffer, nail prep wipes, application and aftercare instructions.

Don't forget to use code GUILTY20 to get 20% off your first box.